Sunday, January 14 2017

I have always loved the idea of being a writer. i am vary expressive when i tell a story and just love all the juicy details. My friends all around me know of my love of writing despite how bad i used to be at it, i always held on to the idea that one day i will be able to tell the best stories that capture our imaginations. For insistence, yesterday my best friend and God mother of my children, was at the store and found two writing books for me. one was titled “Complete The Story”. Its just s book of story starters and you have to finish them. So Cool!! The second one she got me was “500 Writing Prompts”,  some are short and some are long but all are just so fascinating. I love her so much and i am truly thankful for how she is helping me with my dream.

This semester i hope to write and finish a story with my teachings and have it be well likes in its content and how it is written. Keeping this blog this semester gives me a more public audience so i will try better to make sure that everything that is written is clear and goals are to still just become a better writer and tell the world my stories and what i know. One day what i know may help someone who needs to hear it. i want to come off to them as factual and someone they can rely on the information.


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