Tuesday, March 14th 2017


Spring is a great time in our home. Spring is when we start going thru the boxes tucked away from months and see what we need still and what can go away. Its about cleaning out the old to make room for new are to cleanse us of stuff we no longer need. We are a military family and up until last year spring meant we needed to get ready to move, so this tradition of going thru our things and weeding out the unnessesaries where for more of a constructive reasoning. This year i feel it will be more traditional because we don’t have to move but should go thru and get rid of thing we haven’t looked at in 6 months or more.

Spring is also about new beginings and cleansing spiritualy in our home. We as Wiccans celebrate new life, fertility, and rejuvination during this time a year. We practice a lot of traditions to bring good fortune and health to us for the following year. On the day of spring and two days after we celebrate with our Lord and Lady in there rebirth and renewal of our world. more or less we do everything most people would do in Easter just over four days and with less of it being about one man and more of it being a celebration for the planet and what it has given to us and continues to give. Our planet is the most wonderful place we have and taking some time to give it the light it deserves is treasured in this season.



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