Monday, April 24th 2017

what do you think has been your greatest achievement this semester?

My greatest achievement this Semester is in myself. In my Eastern Religions class i have found in self discovery by learning other religions and the peace with in them.  Mostly during our study of Buddhism i have seen what peace can do to once view of the world.  This Semester i have brought the teachings of the Buddha to my home and with having patistents with my children. I have found that i have increased my pacients with my husband and with our understanding of one another.

This Semester has tought me that i need to make a better schedual between family, work, and school. All the work handed to me is difficult to find the time to do. I know that i can do better next semester and work harder twords my goal.  I have my heart set on going to OSU and need to learn time management much better if i want to be proficient in my school work at OSU.  My husband has also been a huge help with picking up where i fall behind. I feel that the teachings i have implemented in our house hold has shown great improvements in how our home is functioning. This sememster has tought me so much in how i need to improve and where i have improved.  I now take time to live in the moment and appritiate what has been given to me in this life and what needs to be charrished.


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