Wednesday,May 3rd,2017

I have learned a little with this blog. Trying to come up with answers for the topics have been a little difficult but still enjoyable. There really is only so much of myself i can talk about. It is vary nice to think I could be brightening someone else’s day up with my stories or ideas.  I would say it really hasn’t surprised me much. I haven’t really had a much of an ‘Ah” moment or a feeling that i have done much with this. Mostly it has just been a chance to get some of my thoughts out of my mind taking up space and out into the world. I would change it in many ways you could say. I named it food Nerd because i planed to continue it and post things on nutrition. I love educating the public on how we should be eating. i have found that once i an eating better I feel better and less agitated or sleepy. Something i have not been doing vary well with right now. Our bodies need food that it knows what to do with but with how we Americans eat now, we eat such crap that our bodies have no idea what to do with. So what dose it do with the thinks it doesn’t know what to do with? its stores it as fat! yep fat! When our bodies know what the ingredient is, it knows where to put it making for better burning of the energy we need to fuel what we do all day. Lastly yes, i do plan to continue this blog and help people like myself.


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