Wednesday,May 3rd,2017

I have learned a little with this blog. Trying to come up with answers for the topics have been a little difficult but still enjoyable. There really is only so much of myself i can talk about. It is vary nice to think I could be brightening someone else’s day up with my stories or ideas.  I would say it really hasn’t surprised me much. I haven’t really had a much of an ‘Ah” moment or a feeling that i have done much with this. Mostly it has just been a chance to get some of my thoughts out of my mind taking up space and out into the world. I would change it in many ways you could say. I named it food Nerd because i planed to continue it and post things on nutrition. I love educating the public on how we should be eating. i have found that once i an eating better I feel better and less agitated or sleepy. Something i have not been doing vary well with right now. Our bodies need food that it knows what to do with but with how we Americans eat now, we eat such crap that our bodies have no idea what to do with. So what dose it do with the thinks it doesn’t know what to do with? its stores it as fat! yep fat! When our bodies know what the ingredient is, it knows where to put it making for better burning of the energy we need to fuel what we do all day. Lastly yes, i do plan to continue this blog and help people like myself.


Monday, April 24th 2017

what do you think has been your greatest achievement this semester?

My greatest achievement this Semester is in myself. In my Eastern Religions class i have found in self discovery by learning other religions and the peace with in them.  Mostly during our study of Buddhism i have seen what peace can do to once view of the world.  This Semester i have brought the teachings of the Buddha to my home and with having patistents with my children. I have found that i have increased my pacients with my husband and with our understanding of one another.

This Semester has tought me that i need to make a better schedual between family, work, and school. All the work handed to me is difficult to find the time to do. I know that i can do better next semester and work harder twords my goal.  I have my heart set on going to OSU and need to learn time management much better if i want to be proficient in my school work at OSU.  My husband has also been a huge help with picking up where i fall behind. I feel that the teachings i have implemented in our house hold has shown great improvements in how our home is functioning. This sememster has tought me so much in how i need to improve and where i have improved.  I now take time to live in the moment and appritiate what has been given to me in this life and what needs to be charrished.

Tuesday, March 14th 2017


Spring is a great time in our home. Spring is when we start going thru the boxes tucked away from months and see what we need still and what can go away. Its about cleaning out the old to make room for new are to cleanse us of stuff we no longer need. We are a military family and up until last year spring meant we needed to get ready to move, so this tradition of going thru our things and weeding out the unnessesaries where for more of a constructive reasoning. This year i feel it will be more traditional because we don’t have to move but should go thru and get rid of thing we haven’t looked at in 6 months or more.

Spring is also about new beginings and cleansing spiritualy in our home. We as Wiccans celebrate new life, fertility, and rejuvination during this time a year. We practice a lot of traditions to bring good fortune and health to us for the following year. On the day of spring and two days after we celebrate with our Lord and Lady in there rebirth and renewal of our world. more or less we do everything most people would do in Easter just over four days and with less of it being about one man and more of it being a celebration for the planet and what it has given to us and continues to give. Our planet is the most wonderful place we have and taking some time to give it the light it deserves is treasured in this season.


Monday, February 13th 2017

what do i think about Love? Love is so many things and expressed in so many ways. Most of relationships don’t last now a days because, people have lost a lot of what love is. To my husband love it when his children look and him and sound like me. Or when he comes home from work and they cant wait to wrap their arms around him. To me love is making decisions and doing things with out having to be asked to do so. To some love could be just saying ” I Love you.”

A lot of people thing that love is just telling someone they love them. To most people it’s more then just saying the words. Love takes a lot of work. Hours of communication, disagreements, discoveries and life choices, good and bad. To truly love someone to have to also love oneself. Love is in many forms. Love could also look like a dog who is so excited to see you when you come home. Love could be your car who ignores you all the time and comes to cuddle you when your boyfriend/ girlfriend brakes up with you. Love also can also be in the form of what could be viewed as anger. Tough love is also a way to show you love someone or that they are important to you.

Love means so many things and its so hard to sum it all up in only 250 words. Love is what it means to keep someone your feel important to you in your heart and in your thoughts all the time. To the point where you could never see yourself with out that person.



Friday, February 3rd 2017

My true story starts several years ago. My mother and i used to go out together on Wednesdays. I say used to because, for one she is no longer with us and two because of my story i am about to tell. This Wednesday  that we traveled was a warm ,sunny, Ohio summer day. we were to go get propane for the grill so my father could make his famous streak. If you have ever had Tri tip at my house you know how good that is. This day her and i drive down to Valley street like how we always do and end up turning the wrong way.  We were so lost! I told her we had turned the wrong direction and that we weren’t any where near where we needed to be.  A little later we finally came upon it and got our Propane. Silly right? that’s no to bad of a story.

“Manda why did you and your mom stop just because of that?” You ask?  Well a month  later her and I were running another errand and had to drive down this curvy road toward Vandalia. No we didn’t get lost but on out way back on the curviest part of this road the tire on our ’95 Buick Regal blew up! So here we are on a Wednesday in the road changing to the spare tire on our car. Then that winter we where driving in our ’71 Chevy pick up and the roads where icy and snowy. On our way to the speedway down the street from our house the truck flew into a tail spin whipped us around and crushed us into the curb, luckily missing two cars. Broke the bead on the front tire. SO here we are again out side, this time in the cold, changing  another tire. After that day up until the day she passed when ever we traveled together and it happened to be a Wednesday we were not to acknowledge it to each other and we were on the extreme look out for anything in the road or where we were going.

Sunday, January 14 2017

I have always loved the idea of being a writer. i am vary expressive when i tell a story and just love all the juicy details. My friends all around me know of my love of writing despite how bad i used to be at it, i always held on to the idea that one day i will be able to tell the best stories that capture our imaginations. For insistence, yesterday my best friend and God mother of my children, was at the store and found two writing books for me. one was titled “Complete The Story”. Its just s book of story starters and you have to finish them. So Cool!! The second one she got me was “500 Writing Prompts”,  some are short and some are long but all are just so fascinating. I love her so much and i am truly thankful for how she is helping me with my dream.

This semester i hope to write and finish a story with my teachings and have it be well likes in its content and how it is written. Keeping this blog this semester gives me a more public audience so i will try better to make sure that everything that is written is clear and goals are to still just become a better writer and tell the world my stories and what i know. One day what i know may help someone who needs to hear it. i want to come off to them as factual and someone they can rely on the information.