Monday, February 13th 2017

what do i think about Love? Love is so many things and expressed in so many ways. Most of relationships don’t last now a days because, people have lost a lot of what love is. To my husband love it when his children look and him and sound like me. Or when he comes home from work and they cant wait to wrap their arms around him. To me love is making decisions and doing things with out having to be asked to do so. To some love could be just saying ” I Love you.”

A lot of people thing that love is just telling someone they love them. To most people it’s more then just saying the words. Love takes a lot of work. Hours of communication, disagreements, discoveries and life choices, good and bad. To truly love someone to have to also love oneself. Love is in many forms. Love could also look like a dog who is so excited to see you when you come home. Love could be your car who ignores you all the time and comes to cuddle you when your boyfriend/ girlfriend brakes up with you. Love also can also be in the form of what could be viewed as anger. Tough love is also a way to show you love someone or that they are important to you.

Love means so many things and its so hard to sum it all up in only 250 words. Love is what it means to keep someone your feel important to you in your heart and in your thoughts all the time. To the point where you could never see yourself with out that person.